Prince Harry, Pippa Middleton and the Golden Circle of Friends

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Prince Harry runs with a crowd of friends—Pippa Middleton is one of them—who are known for living the good life, generally on their parents’ money. Most of them are royal or nearly so—blue-blooded is the term. Most of the women are blonde. And all of them are rich!

The golden circle gang is sometimes known as the BBB crew. That would be blue-blooded and blond, and they are considered Britain’s most privileged and elite social set. For the most part, they have known each other from childhood. They went to the same small circle of schools, the best ones! They share a sense of fun, Daily Mail reports, but they never rat each other out. Their discretion is absolute. Prince Harry trusts them all. They are the prince’s best friends.

Take George Percy for example. He and Harry went to Eton together. Percy and Pippa Middleton once shared an apartment. Percy is the friend whose ancestral castle stood in for Hogwarts, and his family is worth some 300 million pounds!

Chelsy Davy was almost Prince Harry’s fiancée. But she wants to be a lawyer, not a royal wife. Her family is worth about $30 million, and she and Harry are still pals. A best pal, though, is Thomas “Skippy” Inskip. No one seems sure where his money comes from, but he sold his pad for more than $10 million, and that should hold him for a while. He organized Prince William’s bachelor party.

Which brings up royal bride Kate Middleton—Pippa Middleton’s sister and Prince Harry’s sister-in-law. Being married to the second in line to the throne makes her especially blue-blooded, even though Kate and Pippa are neither one blonde.

Davina and Astrid Harbord are both blonde. Their publisher father has scads of money, and Prince William once found Astrid in his brother Prince Harry’s bed. That’s pretty close.

Pippa Middleton may be closest of all to George Percy. They are rumored to be dating now. Percy would not be daunted by her fame. These are a few of the leaders of the crew.

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