Prince Harry Plans Royal Wedding Survivor Breakfast

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Britain’s Prince Harry, best man at the royal wedding, is in charge of a few details. “Wedmin,” he calls it, which appears to be a sort of military slang for wedding administration. The prince, 26,  also plans a “Survivor’s Breakfast” for invited friends and family who are still awake and functional at 6 a.m., the morning after his brother Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton, reports Mail Online.

And in true “wedmin” style, Prince Harry has his plans all laid out. First things first. Three State Rooms at Buckingham Palace are being turned into a nightclub, for the younger and more energetic of the family and guests, who will party away the final hours of the long, eventful day. This party, including dinner, is hosted by Harry’s father Prince Charles, but Harry has been wedmin-man on the spot with the planning. Small and intimate by palace standards, this event—which sounds like the most fun item oFile:Prince Harry and Kate Middleton at the Garter Procession 2008.jpgn the schedule—includes about 300 guests, 100 of them friends of Charles and Camilla and the rest school, university, and other pals of the bride and groom—and Prince Harry.

The final event, after the Queen has long disappeared and the bride and groom have retired, will be Prince Harry’s survivor’s breakfast, consisting of bacon sandwiches and full British “fry-ups”—which seem to consist of a plate full of various fried breakfast-type foods, totaling out at about one thousand calories. Caterers know they are on for a long shift with this after the full dinner already served.

The younger prince is known to be an all-night partier, so this should be no problem for him. Prince Harry wants the occasion to be a “night to remember” for his brother and new wife and for the guests. But since the featured cocktail will be “treasure chests”—a combination of rum and champagne—some of the attendees might be a bit more likely to forget.

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