Prince Harry to Party in Las Vegas

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During his US visit, Prince Harry is planning a party trip to Las Vegas. Sin City. The city that never lets up. The perfect vacation place for this royal who is known for his wild ways.

And so travel plans are set, with the Nevada desert hot spot to be part of Prince Harry’s agenda when he starts his three-month visit to the United States beginning in October.

During that time, for a magical 48 hours, the spare to the heir of the British throne will be part of the scene in the gambling mecca of the world because, as one source said, “It’s traditional.”

What that source meant is that it is “traditional” to go to Las Vegas during Army training in California and Arizona. And that’s what Prince Harry is set to do, especially a treat for this particular visit since the helicopter Apache course he is taking is one that is without much downtime.

In fact, his particular course has been called “intense.” And nothing helps intense like a Sin City visit. So, that’s where the prince will go for his limited chance to go crazy while here across the pond from his London home.

And so, for Prince Harry, a rarefied, 26-year-old dude who has been known to be into partying, taking part in Las Vegas activities should do the trick, one that may just stay in the Nevada city—or at least that’s what is what is supposed to happen when one goes and does up this all-day-all-night hot spot.

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