Prince Harry Using Pippa Middleton’s Book for a Good Laugh?!

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Prince Harry has reportedly taken a keen interest in Pippa Middleton’s new book. As a matter of fact, Harry has reportedly brought a copy with him to Afghanistan.

A tabloid is claiming that Harry has shared parts of the book with his Army friends. One thing is for sure, by reading excerpts to his Army buddies, Harry is getting not just a good laugh, but a good ribbing.

That’s right, they all think that Prince Harry will end up with Pippa Middleton when it is all said and done. “Harry’s the subject of lots of banter. Everyone winds him up about Pippa,” claims the tabloid source.

“[Harry] couldn’t resist reading chapters out loud. It’s raised morale and caused some much-needed cheer.”

So, does this mean that Pippa’s new book is getting a good review from Harry and the Army guys? It is doubtful that they are taking a book of craft projects and party ideas seriously. Still, they are finding the book entertaining, right?

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