Prince Harry’s Royal Scandal Does Not Impress Prince William

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Prince Harry is familiar with creating waves in his royal family, but his latest incident may have gone too far. The young man loves to thumb his nose at the stuffy monarchy every chance he gets, but his nude Vegas party pictures are a bit extreme.

Harry’s big brother William has got to be used to the antics by now, but did Harry go too far this time? When William was told about the pictures, he was “not impressed.” Why would he be? Harry was partying and flashed his naked bum. Big deal.

William has always managed to walk the straight and narrow road that will lead him to the throne one day. His little brother will not inherit the throne, unless there is some tragedy and is basically free to live his life like any other privileged person.

According to a royal source, Harry is “in trouble.” How ridiculous. He is an adult having a good time who just happens to be royal. He did nothing wrong, but because of his status, it makes headlines. Harry is not the only person to get a little crazy in Vegas. Prince Harry may be forced to do a little groveling, but it is unlikely William will hold the incident against him.

Pippa Middleton’s little gun incident does not look so bad now, huh?

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