Prince William and Kate Middleton are homebodies

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Prince William and Kate Middleton are homebodies! The royal couple reportedly love staying home and being normal kids when they aren’t forced to attend events or make appearances.

“They’re actualPoster Wedding Prince William Kate Middletonly surprisingly normal and down to earth when the cameras are off. Kate has been a great influence on William in that way. She’s introduced him to a simpler, easier way of life and he loves it. They like to watch movies, sleep in and have nice meals at home,” shares a source.

While many people are used to seeing William and Kate in their fanciest of clothes, they are also getting used to seeing them in jeans and going grocery shopping, for example. If it’s true that they like to stay home and just watch movies, well, that’s pretty awesome! A lot of people think that the royals are always prim and proper, but it seems as though Will and Kate know how to kick back and relax!

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