Prince William and Kate Middleton cause floodgate of royals news?

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Are Prince William and Kate Middleton the reason that the media is obsessed with all things royal? It seems as though most media outlets around the globe are reporting about royal families, from Crown Princess Victoria’s pregnancy to Zara Phillips’ wedding!

It seems as thPoster Wedding Prince William Kate Middletonough William and Kate have ignited the royal fire! It is like everyone wants to learn more about all royals, and when there is any news about a princess, it becomes a very hot topic.

“Yes, blame Middleton for launching a fresh obsession with royals around the planet. But maybe you should thank her instead. Royals are entertaining, especially when buried in scandal, and you will not believe what the crowned heads of Sweden are up to,” E! News suggests.

However, is E! News’ assumption correct? Are people now obsessed with royalty because Prince William and Kate Middleton renewed faith in the feudal system? They are themselves very fascinating, and it seems as though they have indeed opened the floodgates. Royals are the new celebrities.

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