Prince William and Kate Middleton Fans of ‘X Factor’

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Prince William and Kate Middleton back Marcus Collins to win the current round of X Factor, of which they are big fans. So when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge recently met Marcus in person, backstage at the Albert Hall, after hearing him sing at a Gary Barlow concert, it must have been fun in both directions. Fans meet a fan. The-Juice reports the story.

“They both said they watched the X Factor,” Marcus gushed of Kate Middleton and Prince William. “How amazing is that? They asked if I was nervous about the weekend and I said I couldn’t wait.” Marcus Collins, singer extraordinaire, is from Liverpool. Remember the Beatles?

“Kate said she was amazed at how much stronger my vocals were live than on television. I just can’t believe it,” the singer went on. Meanwhile, this was File:William and Kate wedding.jpgthe concert where Kate Middleton wore an adorable, off-the-rack dress from chain store Zara—now sold out around the world.

Kate Middleton and Prince William probably enjoy the chance to watch shows like the X Factor at home, where they can wear jeans or comfy pjs. They might have pizza or homemade shepherd’s pie, instead of a fancy dinner. They might get to be ordinary fans, not celebs, themselves. For a while, anyway.

Marcus almost missed the chance to sing in front of the Prince and Kate Middleton, because of a sore throat, but he got clearance just in time. Good luck tonight!

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