Prince William and Kate Middleton grace Engagement Coin before 2011 Wedding

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In a historic event, just today a special commemorative coin went on sale depicting Prince William and Kate Middleton. The royal couple is scheduled to get married in April of 2011. They have been dating for nearly ten years, after meeting back in 2001 at St. Andrews University in Scotland. coin has been revealed in a photo via Radar Online (seen at left). The shiny new silver coin depicts Kate and William smiling on the front of the coin with their full names and the year 2011 on it. Sounds like a pricey souvenir right?

So far, RadarOnline reports that The Royal Engagement Alderney Coin has an estimated value of just $7.75, but that is likely to change over time. Many people have been buzzing over the marriage of these two, so it seems like this could be a nice piece of memorabilia to have over the years. Then again, there’s so many “collectibles” sold these days, it’s tough to say which will appreciate in value, and which will become items sold at garage sales!

Will the new Prince William and Kate Middleton coin become a highly valuable collectible, or merely a nice keepsake for those who admire the royal couple?

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