Prince William and Kate Middleton – Is Royal Marriage Doomed?

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Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton, aka the Duchess of Cambridge, held their royal wedding ceremony last month, and dire predictions are circulating. Is the royal marriage doomed?

It was a perfect day on April 29 — a “perfect” ceremony, reports the Huffington Post. But so was the wedding of the groom’s parents, Prince Charles and Diana Spencer. That became a spectacular failure. And remember the beautiful wedding of Prince William’s uncle, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. Also perfect. Also held in Westminster Abbey. Also doomed. Recent generations of the British royal family have been plagued with divorce — once forbidden and almost unmentionable. Prince William and his new wife, Kate, could be next in line.

“If one partner in a marriage comes from a divorced family,” says Dr. Jane Gree, “it is less likely that the couple will stay married than when both partners come from intact families. Researcher Nicholas Wolfinger’s decade-long study found that if one partner has divorced parents, that marriage is 50% more likely to end, if both partners come from divorced families, then their marriage is 200% more likely to end than a marriage with partners whose parents stayed together.”

So what is the report saying, and is it valid in this case? Probably, both researchers would be quick to agree that statistics are in no way fool-proof. Prince William and Kate Middleton will have as good a chance as any couple, and the odds are up to them.

Right now, they look to be best friends, and that is a really good sign. Kate smiled almost the whole wedding day — not a panicky smile, but one that was genuine and filled with happiness. “Will,” says Greer, “cracked the joke at the altar, saying they were supposed to have just a small family affair.” And remember the two of them, cruising around the neighborhood in a “Just Married”-decorated convertible? They made their day fun. That kind of attitude can overcome a divorce or three or four in the family. Best wishes!

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