Prince William and Kate Might be Headed for Haunted Hotel

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Prince William and Kate will be traveling to the United States in July, and the official itinerary must be totally organized and set in stone, but details are kept under wraps as long as possible for security reasons. And could one chosen hotel be haunted?

Sources say, reports People Magazine, that San Francisco and then on to Yosemite National Park are likely stops for the royal couple. And if that part is true, then the perfect place for Prince William and his beautiful bride to spend a night or two is the majestic Ahwahnee Hotel, which has a “Queen’s Room” ready and waiting, not to mention a designated Queen’s Table in the dining room. The Mary Curry Tressider Suite has been waiting for more royalty since Queen Elizabeth II, grandmother of Prince William, stayed there almost thirty years ago.

The suite features a four-poster canopy bed and large, European-style bath. And—most important for royal entertaining, its own resident ghost. Just like a castle back home in Britain! The ghost of Mary Tressider is said to haunt the entire sixth floor, where the wife of Stanford president Donald Tressider once lived. She died there, on Halloween, 1970, but many guests report having seen her much more recently. She can tur lights off and on, at the very least, and keep guests in the famous bed awake, and a large picture of Mary is on the wall. Staring. Perhaps she lured movie-makers to the site, because the hotel interior inspired the set for The Shining—hotel horror, Stephen King style.

Charlie Chaplin has stayed at the Ahwahnee, as well as Ronald Reagan, Eleanor Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. The management would like to add Prince William and Kate to the list. No doubt the prince has slept in haunted castles before, so no problem.

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