Prince William and Kate: No Palace Privacy?

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According to reports, Prince William and Kate are not loving the palace life since moving recently into their new home. A problem that will most likely plague the popular royal couple their entire lives seems to be the issue—lack of privacy.

The famous and sought after Duke and Duchess of Cambridge deserve a place to call home which will provide them with some much-needed privacy and personal space. Their Kensington Palace home doesn’t seem to be able to deliver this.

According to sources, Nottingham Cottage, where Prince William and Kate reside, is secure within the royal compound of the palace and is, thankfully, not visible to the public. Their cottage is, however, visible to the palace staff who live in the flats that overlook their home.

Will the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge move again soon to find more peace and private time? Will the inability to escape others while living their high-profile lives drive Prince William and Kate to a new secluded residence?

Kensington Palace is thought to be a temporary home for the Prince and his new bride while he continues his RAF posting in North Wales. Hopefully, when they do look for their more permanent home in the future, it will turn out to be one that they can truly call a home.

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