Prince William and Kate to Donate Wedding Profits to Charity

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Prince William and Kate are giving the profits from their wedding to charity. It probably surprised some people to find out that a wedding could be so profitable. However, the royal couple prepared for just such an instance.

William and Kate decided early on that they didn’t need more blenders, toasters or lamps. In lieu of gifts, they requested that friends make donations to The Royal Wedding Charitable Gift Fund. That money, combined with profits made from their portrait and the soundtrack of their wedding, adds up to a whopping $1.7 million.

Following through with their promises, Prince William and Kate plan to divide the profits among 26 of their favorite charities. Some of the organizations that will benefit includes broad categories like help and care at home and conservation for future generations.

Help and care at home helps people who are themselves faced with illness or who care for loved ones who are ill. Charities under this banner include Association for Children’s Palliative Care, which tries to improve quality of life for terminally ill children. It also includes The Berkshire Community Foundation, The Scottish Community Foundation and The Community Foundation in Wales. Each of those groups channel money into places for improving the lives of their citizenry.

Conservation for future generations helps protects wildlife in Africa, Asia and elsewhere. Charities under this umbrella include Earthwatch, a global effort by scientists and others to conduct hands-on research for environmental protection. Money will also likely go to protect the African forest elephant, the black rhino, the one-horned rhino and other endangered species.

Other charitable programs included aim to change the lives of children through art and sport, offer support for service people and their families and help to fulfill children’s potential. The exact ratio for each group hasn’t been decided by Prince William and Kate but it will include organizations in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

The royal couple has set a great example for other married couples too. Charitable donations or even community volunteering is a great way to get any marriage started off on the right foot.

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