Prince William Defends Kate & Researches Camilla’s Lesbian Past

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The internal Windsor warfare over the Duchess of Cambridge’s nude photos shows no signs of abating. Now, Prince William is digging into Camilla Parker-Bowles’ secret lesbian past, according to reports.

Right now, this is only a rumor, but it’s completely believable Wills would despise Parker-Bowles. Indeed, his father was fooling around with Camilla while married to Princess Diana, and even desired to be her tampon.

It appears Camilla is determined to destroy the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. She thinks Kate is much too middle-class for the Windsor family, and points to Kate’s trashy nude photos as proof of her commoner ways. Prince William, nevertheless, is going to take Camilla’s bullying tactics lying down, sources claim, and is going right for his stepmother’s jugular.

Prince William seems like an amiable chap, but he’s still a British royal, which means he can fight dirty when he’s forced to. As a royal, he has incredible access to background information on anyone, but it’s a bit surprising Wills has been investigating his stepmother for years. That research is coming in handy now, as he tries to defend Kate from Camilla’s broadsides.

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