Prince William Dines Out Sans Kate Middleton

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Prince William, Prince Harry and a couple of dozen of their pals staged a major “guys’ night out,” recently in London, at a popular curry house, the Mogul, in Bagshot, Surrey. This is a favorite spot of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, when they are in town, but this gang appeared to be in a party frame of mind. “They seemed to be in a celebratory mood, laughing and joking, and they ate a lot,” a member of staff dished and the Telegraph reported. It could make a royal watcher wonder what they were celebrating. Is there something they all know that outsiders do not? OrFile:Prince William 2011.jpg was it just a football win?

Prince William and his brother probably hosted. The idea is to choose various dishes and share them family style. Some are spicy hot and some are not. “They ordered lots of different chicken dishes, but Harry went for spicier ones, like chicken jalfrezi, and William stuck to milder ones, like chicken tikka masala. I don’t think he likes his food too hot,” the source added. To each his own, but this sort of meal does not sound like one Kate Middleton would enjoy. Perhaps that’s why she spent the evening elsewhere.

It seems as if the guys were getting together for a reason. “They were very polite and lovely people,” the source said. Maybe they had things to talk over. It’s tempting to speculate that Prince William has a special something to celebrate, but that’s not likely, since 28 men cannot share one secret for very long.

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