Prince William: Is Kate Middleton Pregnant? Baby on Board Already?

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Are Prince William and Kate Middleton hiding a baby secret? There has been a ton of rumors swirling around whether or not Kate being pregnant, wanting to have a baby soon File:William and Kate thumbnail.jpgand even speculations of them doing “multinational adoptions” once they are married.

The problem is, in the end, it’s all speculations on a very vague subject. Only Prince William and Kate Middleton know whether they want to start a family soon, or if Kate is pregnant, or if they’ll adopt from a foreign country. However, don’t let that little fact get in the way of the celebrity rumor mill.

Recently, Middleton was rumored to be pregnant but that proved false. Star even put Kate on their front cover with the capitalized text: PREGNANT BRIDE! Seriously, one can only imagine how many copies they were able to sell with that headline. Their unnamed source claimed that Middleton suffered the symptoms of a woman with a bun in her oven but a spokesman for Buckingham Palace brushed aside those rumors as “absurd” and “certainly not true.”

Next up is the rumor that Prince William and Kate Middleton are itching to make babies immediately. Daily Star states Middleton will “seal her regal status by planning a tot straight away” because it falls “in line with a royal tradition that goes back more than 170 years.” Apparently, more than one royal bride was pregnant before the first anniversary of her marriage. That stat includes Prince William’s beloved mother Princess Di.

When it comes to this rumor though, there might be a bit of truth. Being part of a royal family means sticking to traditions. But seriously, there were women in the royal line who waited longer to have a baby or two and there surely must have been some who were pregnant when they walked down the aisle.

Lastly and probably the most interesting tabloid piece is about multinational adoptions. This last drop in the gossip bucket really gets tongue wagging because if it is true then oh, how the royals would be irked. The rumor goes that Prince William and Kate Middleton have “a big wedding secret” and that secret is they will adopt and not the normal kind of adopting but the Angelina Jolie kind of adopting.

Apparently, William and Kate admire Jolie so much, they “are determined to create a loving home for a child from another culture.” Yeah, the gossip also states that the good Prince plans on using the “multinational adoption” to modernize his otherwise stuffy royal family and to boost his family’s popularity. Now, doesn’t that just touch your heart in all the right places?

Anyhow, let’s get back to facts for a moment. There were three scenarios and they could all be true or they could all be false. In the end, only Prince William and Kate Middleton know what their baby plans for the future are. Seriously, tabloids need to get back to the Royal Wedding coverage instead.

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