Prince William is Looking Exceptionally Dapper Lately–Is Kate Middleton Responsible?

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There is something different about Prince William and many are wondering if it is the work of his very fashionable wife, Kate Middleton. William has looked exceptionally dapper as of late. His appearance is rarely noticed when he has his gorgeous wife on his arm, but lately, William has attracted some attention for his style as well.

During the past day or so, William has made several public appearances, and each time, he has looked quite nice. A source points out, “I have noticed that the Duke has started wearing a handkerchief in his top pocket since the wedding.” Prince Charles is fastidious about his appearance and maybe he has finally managed to influence his eldest son and heir to the throne to take a little more care when appearing in public. Or, the most likely explanation is the fact that Kate has had a hand in her husband’s wardrobe choices.

According to the source, “I don’t know if that is the Duchess’s doing but I am guessing it is.” Wives tend to wield a little more power than parental figures. William knows Kate has managed to impress the world with her impeccable sense of style, so it is only natural he would take her advice.

Do you think Kate Middleton has improved Prince William’s style in the past year?

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