Prince William Jealous of Cousins Virtual Anonymity

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Prince William is struggling to deal with the invasion of privacy he recently endured with his wife, Kate Middleton. The young royal is no stranger to the media’s prying eyes, but photos of his wife, topless and bottomless, have left him reeling. The scandal is weighing heavily on his mind as he considers his future. Will he sign up for another term with the RAF or quit his job and begin his work a full-time royal? The latter almost guarantees his privacy will be further invaded.

As William ponders his future, he is said to be reflecting on how different his life is from that of his royal cousins. “He looks at his cousins Peter Phillips and his sister Zara and envies the way they’re able to live their lives with ease,” reveals an insider. There is an obvious reason Peter and Zara do not attract the same kind of attention as William and his brother Harry. They are not direct heirs to the throne. Their mother was not the infamous, Princess Diana.

Normally, Will manages to navigate through the media waters with aplomb, but this recent fiasco has seriously upset him for a good reason. He is feeling the strain of living under the public eye, “He hates the way everything he does is publicized.” That is not going to change, ever.

Apparently, “Kate can see how stressed he is with the situation.” She is doing her best to settle her husband’s nerves and has suggested they retreat to their home in Anglesey. Unfortunately, the peace and anonymity they have been afforded in North Wales, may soon be destroyed, “It’s always been their bolthole, but how long that will stay that way remains to be seen.”

Hopefully, Prince William and Kate Middleton can get some downtime and recuperate from their travels and the nasty topless photo scandal.

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