Prince William: No Wedding Band for Prince

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Prince William won’t be wearing a wedding band following his nuptials to Kate Middleton. The prince plans to “eschew” the tradition of wearing a man’s wedding ring.

According to a report from People Magazine, Kate Middleton will wear “a band of royal gold.” The prince–well, he’s another story.

All kidding aside, the decision for there to be just one royal wedding band between Prince William and Kate Middleton was a joint decision. Kate really doesn’t seem like the type to cave to a man’s demands if she doesn’t agree with them, now does she? Prince William says the tradition of men wearing wedding bands is clearly a modern-day tradition, and as previously stated, he will “eschew” that. Does it make you wonder if the prince actually used the word “eschew?” Do you even know what “eschew” means? It’s a rather fancy–almost prissy little word, isn’t it?

Kate Middleton, on the other hand–more precisely the left one, will wear a gold band comprised of a tiny bit of Welsh gold mined from the mountains near wear the royal couple will live. The gold was given to Queen Elizabeth many years ago, and has been held in a vault for safekeeping. She is relinquishing just a small bit to be incorporated into Kate Middleton’s wedding band.

So what do you think about Prince William sans a wedding band after the royal wedding? His dad, Prince Charles wears one–although that really didn’t make an ounce of difference when he was married to the late Princess Diana, did it?

It seems like Prince William is a far cry from his father, however, and everyone expects he and Kate Middleton to enjoy many wonderful years together.

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