Prince William: Plastic Surgeon On Standby For Polo Injuries

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The royal palace is ready for anything, especially a possible polo injury inflicted upon Prince William. Plastic surgeon, Dr. Toby Mayer will be ready on the sidelines at the upcoming charity polo match held at the Santa Barbara Polo Club.

Polo is a game played on a horse with a stick and a ball. Putting those three things together is an injury waiting to happen. But, when Prince William rides in the upcoming charity polo match, Dr. Mayer, who specialized on celebrities, is reserved for the experienced Duke of Cambridge just incase anything should go awry during play.

Dr. Mayer is also a polo player and obviously knows what can happen. The injuries could be devastating for anyone, especially someone who has a job that is in the public eye 99% of the time.

Falling off the horse could cause more than a broken ego. Broken bones could very likely happen while playing polo. But, Mayer thinks the most likely injury would be a stray mallet or ball to the face. Ouch! Maybe a broken leg would be better?

Luckily, nothing out of the ordinary is expected to happen.

“With the prince around, I think most people will be on their best behavior,” Mayer said.

Is the good doctor anxious about treating the prince?

“My practice is a celebrity practice, so I’ve done face lifts and more complex things on very, very famous people who earn their living in front of a camera,” Mayer said. “So that doesn’t make me nervous.”

Hopefully, no injuries will occur during the polo match which will be held on Saturday, July 9.

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