Prince William: Protector of The Land for New Campaign

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Prince William is serving as protector of all things green in a new campaign to keep valuable land safe from the greedy hands of developers in England. Can he save the sacred land that adds such beauty to his country? He is certainly going to try.

In a film made on behalf of the Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge, the Duke of Cambridge calls for permanent protection to an area of 2,012 recreational spaces by the end of next year. He urges fellow citizens to cherish the green, open land and protect it.

Viewers of the film, which will air Tuesday, will get a chance to really make a difference by going to the website and voting for an area they want to see protected from destruction. Choices to save are a local coastline, a field, a park, or a woodland. Which piece of land would you be more inclined to throw yourself in front of a bulldozer for? The categories with the most votes will receive a protected status as “Queen Elizabeth II fields” and be saved from certain doom.

Chief Execute Alison Moore-Gwyn of Fit (Fields in Trust), the charity who created the Queen Elizabeth II Challenge, explained how Prince William became such a strong voice in the fight to save the land:

We approached Prince William initially with an idea of safeguarding fields to deliver an Olympic legacy, and we asked if he would lead it … Prince William is passionate about protecting playing fields for future generations, and he is passionate about the charities that he is patron of.

The Duke of Cambridge is using his voice and position for the good of his country. Hopefully, many acres of beautiful open spaces will be spared because of his involvement in this important cause.

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