Prince William Rejected Prenup Idea for Kate Middleton Marriage

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Prince William and Kate Middleton married in front of a worldwide audience on Friday, and now there is news that the couple did not sign a prenup before Kate walked down the aisle to marry her prince. The Royal Wedding has managed to capture the attention of the world in recent months, and now that it has finally happened, everyone wants to know all the details.

This decision by Prince William might leave some wondering on his intelligence. Oh, young love. He was advised before the wedding to sign a prenuptial agreement, according to Digital Spy. However, he has enough faith in his union with Kate Middleton that they will last and stand the tests that come before them as they continue on in their relationship.

One source said the following about his decision to not sign an agreement:

William was advised that some sort of legal agreement might be a good idea. But he loves Kate and trusts her implicitly, and was adamant that no agreement was necessary.

Perhaps it is a cynical point of view, but the legal document should have been signed at some point. Realism shows that in this day and age, marriage is not forever as it used to be. Fifty years ago, couples lasting for 25 years or more was more common. These days, a person can marry three or four people in that length of time. His trust in her is something admirable to see, but one can hope that it doesn’t come back to bite him at some point.

For now, these two have the attention of the world, and they look as happy as can be. What do you think? Should the pair have signed a prenuptial agreement?

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