Prince William saves two girls!

Prince William saved two girls on Saturday as the pair floundered in the ocean. The two teens were in distress, and fellow surfers called for help. Prince William jumped into his helicopter and saved the 13-year-old girl and her sister 16-years-old.

It is like a dream to have the handsome Prnce come to one’s rescue. Can you imagine th faces of those two young teenagers? It is just like a handsome Prince coming to your rescue, but instead of a knight in shining armor on horse, it was Prince William in a helicopter. Those two girls will have a tale to tell in school, and a memory to keep forever.

According to Today, “Kate Middleton’s hubby, who carries out his heroics under the name Flight Lt. Wales, was on duty when the call came through and he and his crew quickly boarded the RAF Sea King helicopter and headed out to into Silver Bay, off the coast of Anglesey, where the distress call came in.”

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