Prince William Wears Shorts; What’s the Big Deal?

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Prince William plays soccer. Soccer players wear shorts. William wore shorts while playing soccer. So why is this a big deal in the eyes of at least one gossip website?

Popsugar seems to think that it is some sort of oddity that Prince William wore appropriate clothing while enjoying a Christmas Eve game of soccer. William and Kate Middleton spent the holiday at Castle Rising Sandringham with many of the royal family including the Queen.

Aside from all the talk about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s first Christmas as a married couple, the discussion lately has centered on Kate Middleton’s fashion. Kate, usually known for being one of the best dressed of 2011 was recently named as having one of the worst outfits of the year.

Perhaps Popsugar is trying to put Prince Williams fashion choices to the same level of scrutiny as Kate Middleton’s. One thing is for sure, William wore the right clothes for the right occasion here.

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