Princess Charlene and Prince Albert: The Truth behind the Royal Couple’s Marriage!

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Princess Charlene and Prince Albert are obviously struggling in their marriage, even though the royal couple of Monaco just married this past July. It remains to be seen the cause of the royal couple’s struggles, but before the couple was married, it was rumored that Prince Albert had cheated on Princess Charlene.

At first, the royal wedding of Monaco appeared to be cancelled, but then the Princess decided to continue with the wedding. With rejoicing, everyone thought that the rumors about Prince Albert’s alleged affair had been inaccurate.

However, the Prince of Monaco began showing up without his Princess to events. It is bizarre for a Prince to show up without his Princess bride, especially when the couple is a newlywed. Albert and Charlene should be enjoying their wedded bliss.

When Prince Albert showed up with his sister to one event, then showed up with a celebrity American singer to another event, people once again speculated about the Prince’s unfaithfulness to the seemingly stoic Princess Charlene.

When the Princess showed up to the Akiris Fashion show, the world was excited to witness Prince Albert’s bride coming out of hiding. But hopes of their wedded bliss was short-lived, when in the interview Princess Charlene readily admitted that she is having a difficult time adjusting to married life. Who wouldn’t?

After all, Princess Charlene, who was used to be a non-royal, Olympic swimmer of South Africa, is a foreigner in the country that she now resides and governs. Charlene’s every waking moment is monitored, much to her chagrin. Charlene mentioned that she is quite annoyed by the guards that surround her.

In the interview, Princess Charlene and Prince Albert appear to be struggling in their marriage, even though her royalty is too classy to outright state her dissatisfaction with Prince Albert, but she left clues of her pain. If you have paid attention to her pictures, she has not looked happy in them.

Charlene stated, “I think for anyone living in a new country and adapting to a new lifestyle, it’s a different role. I was an Olympic swimmer, I lived in a swimsuit, I lived on tour.” Excuses. Excuses, Charlene.

The Princess of Monaco then mentioned that she is not used to carrying out royal duties, “But I have just taken a bit of a break. I need time to adjust. I just got married.” It is undoubtedly difficult for her to adjust to being the Princess of Monaco, but why is her Prince showing up to charity events with another woman other than her? Something is up…it is just a matter of time, before the truth about the couple’s lifestyle will break forth.

What do you think? Are Princess Charlene and Prince Albert struggling in their marriage or is she legitimately adjusting to living as a royal?

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