Princess Charlene Depressed but w/ New Haircut: Was Prince Albert Partying Again?

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Princess Charlene has shown up for royal duty alone and seemingly depressed with a new subdued and unflatteringly look. She has little bangs, which are not becoming of her face.

At least, the new princess is not MIA anymore. Has she resigned herself to the duty of being a princess of Monaco and being married to the boring Prince Albert? It appears that way…at least for now.

Why would Prince Albert allow his new bride to perform royal duties alone? Shouldn’t they be together, side-by-side, like Prince William and Kate? You rarely see them alone. And they don’t perform royal duties without one another.

By the way, where was Prince Albert? Was he gallivanting around again like before their royal wedding?

What royal duties did Princess Charlene perform without Albert? It was an event held in La Turbie for the “mass of the Feast of Saint Michael.” It is nestled in a “small village in the hills of Monaco.” Sound exciting? Undoubtedly, Charlene was bored to death, but she must press on with the life that precedes her…like it or not.

After the mass event, Princess Charlene showed up to see the Mayor Monaco host an event. The local children showed up, which hopefully brightened Charlene’s day. Is she being forced to appear royal, in order to not cause a stink for Monaco? She appears trapped by her relationship with Prince Albert and the royal duties of a princess.

Would you like to be forced to attend events that you have no interest in? At least, Prince William and Kate appear to be enjoying themselves.

What will come of the marriage of Prince Albert and Princess Charlene? Are they doomed to live a loveless life, because of royal duties? Let’s hope not!

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