Princess Diana’s Wedding Dress Holds Secrets (Video)

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Princess Diana’s fairy tale wedding in 1981 to her handsome Prince, Prince Charles had us all glued to the television in 1981. We watched as Lady Diana Spencer became a beloved Princess to her beloved Prince, or so we thought.

 The marriage held secrets, but now we find out that her gorgeous wedding dress held secrets as well. Diana wore the gown at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London in 1981. The gown was designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel. Elizabeth told ET, “She (Diana) loved it! Absolutely loved it.”

ET online says, The gown had a magnificent 25 foot train. With three months to the wedding, Diana had a favorite blouse designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel, so Diana wanted her dress designed by the couple as well. The little shop was overwhelmed with joy, but they were a small shop to undertake so worthy a project. The dress was all about romance, and full of skirts and lace.

The couple recall how they were nervous, but Diana was not nervous. Of course their dress was on display on the lovely Princess who would give Prince William and Prince Harry, and soon a new princess, Kate Middleton. Watch this video to learn the secrets of the wedding gown Princess Diana wore that day.


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