‘Princess Under Pressure': Kate Middleton’s Life is Tough

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Kate Middleton, the 29-year-old who has never held a full-time job, is having a hard time now that she’s realizing she’ll be expected to work the rest of her life.

The Duchess of Cambridge is “having a rough time getting ready for ‘the full-time job of future queen,'” Us Weekly (via Jezebel) is reporting. Kate’s not a full-time working royal yet, but her “busy schedule” includes taking a “very tough” kidnap-prevention course; having meetings with charity officials to determine which causes she wants to support (because, while waiting for a proposal for nine years, she apparently didn’t have time to think about that); learning about government, the arts and media (because, despite having a university degree, she doesn’t know basic civics?); and socializing with other wives at the Royal Air Force base.

And then there’s the pressure Kate Middleton is under to produce an heir — she and the Queen even have meetings to discuss her getting pregnant. But Prince William will be stationed in the Falkland Islands for much of next year, so it might be late 2012 before she gets pregnant.

“Kate’s chief function as William’s wife is to produce an heir and a couple of spares,” a “family friend” tells the mag. “I hate to be frank, but that is just how it is.”

In fact, Kate’s under so much pressure that her parents have supposedly warned Prince William that his family needs to back off because their relentless pressure is making her ill.

“When Kate and William visited her parents’ home recently, Carole and Michael took William aside and told him to tell his family to lay off her about getting pregnant,” a “source” tells The National Enquirer. “While they know that he’s understanding, he needs to tell his father, Prince Charles, and his grandmother, the Queen, to back off. Carole and Michael did not include Kate in their conversations with William, fearing it would cause her even more stress.”

It’s doubtful the Middletons would ever do anything to upset the royal family, because they’re notorious social climbers who enjoy their new position way too much to risk that. But even so, what did Kate think was going to happen after the wedding? This is her only reason for being — to continue the royal line. She had nine years of waiting for a ring to prepare for this. What did she expect would happen — she would marry Prince William but keep not working and going to bars and taking vacations and shopping and getting her hair done and living off her parents’ millions and everything would be fine? No amount of “no, really, she’s going to support charities and do it with gusto” palace propaganda can change the fact that Kate Middleton is a vapid, lazy and spoiled girl who would probably rather pose for “Vogue” than actually serve the British people.

What do you think? Is Kate Middleton really under a lot of pressure? Is she just lazy? And did you watch the royal wedding (clip below)? Sound off in the comments!

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