Prisoner Johnathan Pinney Sues, Demands his own Country?

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A prisoner, Johnathan Pinney, sued a state and wants his own country, but will he win in court? Pinney is currently serving a 4 ½-year sentence for aggravated assault in Illinois. However, prisoner or not, Pinney demands that state and federal officials grant him his own country!, it’s understandable that a lot of inmates go a little nuts behind bars. However, Johnathan Pinney may have gone a little too far! Pinney, 26, wants a place where he can start his own country. Luckily, the state won’t have to look far since Pinney says that a piece of land in Alaska will do, as long as the land can sustain 5,000 people.

Talk about a loose screw, some people will agree that Johnathan Pinney’s screws are falling out all over the place! Apparently, the prisoner is fighting back after years of “harassment” by state and federal officials. He claims in the suit that his rights were violated time and time again over the years and now it’s payback!

Unfortunately, payback is not probably going to happen since Pinney’s lawsuit is well past what’s considered reasonable or even logical! Readers, share your thoughts, does Pinney have any chance of winning in court?

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