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I live in an apartment complex

There are 835 units here

I don’t know my next door neighbor

Could be aliens for all I care


This is so very strange for me

As grew up in a different time and place

All had their own houses

Knew every name and face


Now I might pass someone on the stair

Might even sometimes say Hi

Been here going on thirty two years

Fond of the place, can’t lie


But I miss the companionship of neighbors I know

Of family being close and dropping by

We all knew each others problems and good times

Most of us saw eye to eye


Now, I’ve come to like my privacy

Nobody just dropping in

I’ve set some rules, call first

My house not as neat as a pin


Could I chose between what is old and what’s new

I don’t really think that I can

For I lived through the changes that have happened

The Universe has a plan





This week’s challenge:write about community.

  • Write about your community.  Tell us about your neighborhood, your friends and your family.

  • Tell us what’s good about it.

  • Tell us what’s not good about it.

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