Private Funeral for Steve Jobs Held Friday

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While Apple fans continue to mourn the loss of icon Steve Jobs, it has been reported that his private funeral was held today. That was really quick. Jobs passed away Wednesday from pancreatic cancer, and the funeral was held only two days later. No one can claim that Jobs and his family didn’t have their plans together for this horrific event.

Jobs’ private funeral was a small affair, ABC News confirmed, following what his family called a peaceful death. While Apple has released statements that it isn’t a public memorial for Steve Jobs, it is clear that Apple is planning an event for staff members, according to a statement from Apple CEO Tim Cook. Can you imagine the logistical nightmare planning a memorial for this technology icon would be for the folks at Apple? Not likely that is something a sane person would want to attempt.

Just because Apple isn’t planning a public memorial doesn’t mean that one or more won’t take place. Steve Jobs had many adoring fans who will likely hold memorials in his honor. In fact, some makeshift memorials have already been seen at Apple stores. Some Apple fans are claiming that October 14, the day the new iPhone will be released, is now Steve Jobs Day.

Anyone who wants to let Apple know how Jobs inspired them and those who want to send their condolences can email A thoughtful email seems to be an appropriate way to pay homage to the man who brought the world so many wonderful tech products.

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