Priyanka Chopra, Aishwarya Rai, Deepika Padukone: India’s First Bond Girl?

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Will the next film in the James Bond franchise feature an Indian Bond girl? According to Skyfall producer Barbara Broccoli it might just happen! And if it does, which of Bollywood’s leading ladies would be selected for the role? The ambitious Priyanka Chopra? The elegant Aishwarya Rai? Or would it perhaps be the feisty Deepika Padukone? a discussion about the failed attempt by Skyfall producers to shoot several dangerous action scenes in India Broccoli mentioned that it was a definite possibility of setting future Bond flicks in the country, and that naturally a film set in India would feature an Indian actress as a Bond girl.

This comment will naturally lead to a lot of speculation over which of India’s many beautiful actresses could be chosen for the hypothetical role. A Bond girl should be attractive, sexy, and engaging. Does PC fit the bill? She’s certainly glamorous enough to be a Bond girl, that’s for sure. But will Priyanka Chopra be willing to take on a role as Daniel Craig’s arm candy?

In fact, would any of the industry’s big names jump at the chance to play nothing more than a pretty face? Aishwarya Rai is elegant enough to pull off such a role (and if recent James Bond films are anything to go by then a gorgeous woman in her late 30s certainly has a place in the script) and it’s not like she’s got much on her plate film-wise these days–rumors of her comeback film with Mani Ratnam turned out to be empty.

Deepika Padukone is probably the best choice for such a role–though she’d likely face competition from Hollywood favorite Freida Pinto. One thing’s for certain: if there ever is an Indian Bond girl Bollywood’s top actresses will fight each other tooth and nail for the part!

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