Pro-Abortion Progressives are Psychopaths

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Simply put, abortion is murder. The U.S. Constitution provides, in pertinent part, no person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law. A woman and doctor cannot render due process. Due process may only be afforded by a court of law. The only real argument, relative to abortion, is when does life begin? Most states recognize that birth is not a prerequisite to personhood under the U.S. Constitution.

Here is an overview of fetal development:

By week 5, the fetus’ heart begins to beat.

By week 6, the head, liver, intestines and mouth all take shape in the fetus. Brain activity begins on or about the 40th day of development.

By week 7 the liver helps produce its own blood cells, and the baby will have her own blood type, distinct from her mother.

By week 9, the baby can be observed sleeping, waking up, yawning, and stretching like other children.

By week 12, the brain is fully developed and the baby can feel and react to pain. A fetus will often begin to suck her thumb at this stage.

Society has always recognized human life as having a heart beat and brain activity.  A fetus has both after 40 days.

There is no question that a fetus has value, if only to herself, regardless of whether she is the daughter of a rapist, has Down syndrome, is useful, loved or even wanted by others.

Killing a fetus who is 40 days or older is murder.  Period.

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