Proctor & Gamble Pampers Recall HOAX! Dry Max Aren’t Dangerous! UPDATED

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It seems like every day there is a new recall threatening the health of our families, and no recalls shake us up more than ones for baby products!  You may have been hearing rumors of a recall of Pampers Dry Max diapers – I saw it posted on FaceBook in a friend’s status and got an email with a link to this story from another mommy.  The article even says the diapers caused “severe burns” – YIKES!  Who wouldn’t immediately forward that to their friends with little ones?

Well rest easy, Pamper-loving moms, because this is a big hoax!  P&G, the makers of Pampers claim that these diapers were thoroughly tested and that the complaints are being lodged by a small group of parents who have a problem with Pampers for other reasons.   

This is being picked up by the people who support cloth diapering, as an example of why disposables, sometimes called “sposies” in the mothering community are bad.  While I use sposies, I believe that every family has to make this decision for themselves and I don’t like scare tactics being used by either side of this touchy subject.

So go ahead and Pamper your baby in peace!


UPDATED: Links fixed, sorry folks!

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