Producer Identifies ‘Bachelor’ Contestant’s Drinking Problem

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One of the producers of The Bachelor has recently spoken out about the discrimination lawsuit that the show is facing because two black males didn’t think the show catered to all races. Well, while speaking out on the matter, Mike Fleiss did bring up another interesting fact about the show, which shifted the focus away from the discrimination issue. He revealed that several of the contestants on the show were drunk while searching for love amongst 25 women, but one contestant was more intoxicated than others.

Season 7 Bachelor Couple Charlie O'Connell and Sarah BriceHe explains that season 7 single man, Charlie O’Connell, the brother of the famous actor Jerry O’Connell, was quite drunk on the show several times. According to Wetpaint Entertainment, Fleiss explained that while filming The Bachelor, Charlie was drunk off his a– several times on the show. He went on to explain that Charlie is indeed sober now after four years of sobriety. “We got a little complacent, a little lazy. It started to sag. The audience picks up on that. They’re smarter than we give them credit for,” Fleiss was quoted as saying.

Well, it seems interesting that he would start talking about the bad contestants they have had on the show, considering the show is facing such a huge lawsuit. While many have claimed that the show only picks white people because it is a business decision, others would like to see more African-Americans on the show.

But until the lawsuit is settled, it is interesting to hear what secrets will come to the surface. Perhaps producers are trying to throw scandalous stories out there to see what will stick and get people’s attention away from the discrimination lawsuit.

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