Professor Charged with Urinating: Tihomir Petrov Embarrasses Self and Cal. State-Northridge

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Cal. State University, Northridge mathematics professor, Tihomir Petrov, was charged with urinating on the office door of one of his colleagues! Apparently, Tihomir, 43, File:Old old door.jpgresorted to urinating as a form of retaliation after he and his colleague got into a dispute. Petrov has now been charged with two misdemeanors.

Cal. State-Northridge officials didnÂ’t offer details about what the dispute was between the two math professors. Several puddles outside the door of the professor feuding with Petrov prompted officials to set up a hidden camera and sure enough, Tihomir was captured on film urinating at the door. ThatÂ’s truly shocking news for the friends, family, co-workers and students of the professor.

Apparently, you donÂ’t necessarily need to be an adult to become a professor. What a strange tale! What ever happened to talking things out? Seriously, what a juvenile response to a dispute? It really makes one wonder what this professor was teaching his students.

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