Profiles in courage – a second act needed

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I’m angry with the way politics is conducted in this country. I recognize that it is being done predominately within the context of the way the founding fathers set it up but I see things today they couldn’t have possibly foreseen. And things are happening in this century, that the founding fathers would definitely find unacceptable.

We need someone with the intestinal fortitude to tell the American people the truth. The people need to listen to and accept the truth. Then they need to work together to find answers instead of problems. To find ways in which to accomplish the difficult rather than reasons that the difficult cannot be accomplished.

We are currently engaged in a pseudo war against "terrorism" as though terrorism were a nation. It’s not and you cannot engage in a physical war against an attitude, a philosophy, an idea or a will. You can only conduct war against a people or nation.

But the really sad part is that this war has mired us down and diverted our attention from the goal of defeating the terrorists on whom our total efforts should be concentrated. Saddam was a bad guy without a doubt but what we have unleashed over there now frightens me a great deal more than Saddam ever did.

What Saddam was not was a religious nut, but a collection of religious nuts in Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia and other parts of the mid east. represent a great threat to the entire free world. In invading Iraq we’ve destabilized the Mid East created the type of situation in which hatred of all non Muslim countries and their citizens can be most easily hated and dehumanized, so that the "holy ones" can slaughter women and children with impunity and not arouse revulsion in their own populace!

In going into Afghanistan we were well justified and had the support of virtually the entire world. But we cut and run from Afghanistan before we were through there to pursue what many top politicians saw as a splendid opportunity to build our empire by establishing a powerful base in an oil producing country and invading Iraq simply because Saddam was a despicable dictator.

Now, history tells us despicable dictators are not new and are a dime a dozen in this world. We went this route because the balance of power in the wold, with the fall of the Soviet Union, allowed us to do so. Dictators don’t come worse than Mou Tse Tung in China was or perhaps the short guy with small mans syndrome running North Korea is, but we have not mounted all out attacks on those because it is not or was not nearly as easy. We invaded Iraq for one reason only – because we could. Damned poor reason in my book!

If anyone believes that we went in to "free the Iraqi people and bring them democracy" then we need to have a long talk about some excellent bridge stock I happen to have. And the idea of establishing a lasting democracy in a people who are not far from wandering tribesmen and who do not want democracy is sheer lunacy. The PNAC had the idea but they certainly mis guessed on this one!

We have a need today for people who have the skills and resources necessary to be elected to congress, and who, once elected, will throw out anything but the desires of the people who elected them, and risk their entire future political career by doing what is right! Think Senator Edmund G. Ross of Kansas, who forfeited his political career by voting to acquit President Andrew Johnson in Johnson’s impeachment trial. This is the character and courage needed today!

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