Project Accessory Finale Recap

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The Project Accessory finale was the biggest challenge yet, but instead of creating a whole line of jewelry, bags, and shoes for ten outfits à la Project Runway; they were to create nine pieces for three outfits. They had $1000 and only two days, but each designer got to choose an eliminated designer as their assistant. Rich chose Diego, which might have been a mistake, Nina chose Kelly, and Brian chose James. Each of these choices was meant to fill a weakness as all the finalists are jewelers, not bag/shoe makers. Unfortunately for Rich, he and Diego are not the same style at all. Plus, Diego helped Kelly finish one of Nina’s bags. However, James and Brian worked together well without the others.

For the Project Accessory finale, most designers wanted to do day/cocktail/night wear looks. However, Brian did beach wear and Nina’s day wear included flip flip-style sandals showing their Miami roots. Nina’s look ended up the most cohesive, as Brian used resin and Swarovski crystals for one necklace that was a miss with the judges, but then got lots of appreciation for his matching handbag/shoe look. Rich came in third because one of his bags, and as a result, looks, did not look like him at all. Such as shame as the copper-front clutch was gorgeous. When it came down to Nina and Brian, it seemed as if commercial would be better, but Brian’s off the wall style won the first season of Project Accessory. Do you agree with this result?

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