Project Accessory Recap: Fall for Kenneth

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After being absent for two weeks of from the Project Accessory judging panel, Kenneth Cole returned to lead a challenge. Designers were given an outfit from his fall collection and asked to create a clutch bag and an accessory to match. After the ugly handbag challenge a few week’s back, some designers were dreading this. The outfits were all black, but varied in texture and style, as did the accessories. Most people chose a necklace or earrings, depending on neckline. However, creating a clutch that is stylish enough for Kenneth Cole is a challenge. Some played it safe, like Diego, some went all out like Brian, with mixed results.

Alexa Chung was the guest judge for this Project Accessory runway, but as it was his line, his comment weighed more heavily, and tended to be the main negative commnets revealed. The top two were Brian and Christina, with Christina’s clutch being coveted by the panel for its intricate stitching. However, Brian’s unicorn handle and bolo tie necklace won the day. Possible because his light goat skin bag could be paired with a casual outfit easily. The judges, Alexa especially, loved the strap on Nina’s clutch and her necklace. Rich made a solid bag after not completing the last handbag challenge, but made the mistake of using black. Diego went too basic on his bag and created earrings that were too heavy to really wear. This left he and Adrian as the bottom two. However, Adrian’s clutch was more like a pocket and looked dated to Molly, so he went home. It was his time to go as he had several off-form weeks. Next week on Project Accessory is a double elimination to choose who goes to the finale. Who do you want to see there?

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