Project Accessory Recap: It’s In The Bag

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This week’s Project Accessory challenge starts in the work room with eight bins of random items. Each bin belongs to an eBay Style customer who will be the client for the challenge and contains the contents of their handbag. After a consultation, the designers head out to get materials with Brian disregarding what his client said in favor of another design. This is the toughest challenge yet, with three meeting with the client, the last being after an added accessory twist. Many of the designers use straps as bracelets due to being so tight on time. James, however, does not complete an accessory before runway.

The guest judges for this week on Project Accessory are Rebecca Minkoff and Kara Ross, with the latter filling in for Kenneth Cole. The clients are models for this challenge and the top and bottom groups are very clear. Diego, Christina, Nina and Brian are the top group with Diego named as the winner. His leather and skin mixture is very chic and all-purpose. He is also the only handbag maker left in the group. However, Christina receives high praise as well and it is clear that Molly likes her aesthetic. The bottom group is Adrian, James, Rich and Shea with James being sent home. The judges decided this week that no accessory was worse than Rich’s unfinished bag. This result was surprising given that a few weeks back, Adrian was allowed to stay after not completing a challenge. Who knows what will win the day on next week’s Project Accessory.

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