Project Runway All-Star Cast Announced

Project Runway All Stars has proudly announced its first group of contestants. However, the new show also had some shocking news to share. Long-time host Heidi Klum is gone. She wanted more money than the show’s producers were willing to give. Therefore, Angela Lindvall will step into her shoes.

The judging staff will also change, with designer Issac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman, from Marchesa, taking over for Michael Kors and Nina Garcia. Tim Gunn is gone as well, with Joanna Coles performing the role as the designers’ mentor.

All Star Designers

Returning in hopes of making it work for a second time are the following designers:

Kenley Collins’s passion for retro clothing is clear. She made it to fashion week during her season but lost to Leanne Marshall. Kenley hates being critiqued and contends she’s always right and everyone else is wrong.

Michael Costello made it to the top four during his season but then faltered. The judges felt his collection was one-dimensional and cut him just short of Bryant Park.

Season’s six’s Gordana Gehlhausen suffered during her season. Her designs were often called old-fashioned. Now she’s back to prove the judges were wrong.

Mondo Guerra was the front-runner on Project Runway just a year ago. His designs were unique and his use of print inspired. However, something went wrong. He lost in what is now affectionately called “Gretchen Gate.”

Mila Hermanovski was a front-runner in her season. Her designs were fashion forward and fit a woman’s body with perfection. Yet, she still didn’t make it. Can she change that the second time around?

Kara Janx made the finals during Project Runway season two but she got derailed by Chloë Dao. Now she’s back for another chance to take home the win.

Elisa Jiminez is best remembered for her way of marking fabric. She invented the “spit technique”. Elisa got eliminated during round six.

April Johnston made it to the semi-finals during her Project Runway season, but the judges hounded her about her taste level and the constant use of black. She got cut just short of Bryant Park.

Rami Kashou made clothes fit for a Greek goddess. His skills in draping seemed unsurpassed. They earned him a spot at fashion week. Sadly, he didn’t win the big prize. Now he’s back to try again.

Austin Scarlett lost out on fashion week because the judges disliked his red carpet gown. However, fans reacted negatively to his dismal, contending that his dress was absolutely stunning.

Jerrell Scott sealed the finale win to make it to fashion week. At least that’s what he thought. But the judges allowed the last four to compete with a full-collection and Jerrell’s failed to make the cut. Fans called the decision “foul.”

Sweet P Vaughn had an eye for a certain kind of fashion, but it didn’t always meet what the judges wanted. In the end, she got cut just short of fashion week.

Anthony Williams, from Project Runway’s season seven, had a lot of great ideas. Sadly they didn’t take him all the way. He is hoping the second time proves a charm.

Who will make the cut this time around? It’s anybody’s game!

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