‘Project Runway All Stars’ spoilers: Who wins?

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“Project Runway All Stars” hasn’t even premiered yet, but one website is claiming it already knows which of the 13 contestants from previous “Project Runway” seasons wins.

Spoilers ahead! Do not read any further if you do not want to know who wins! Seriously, stop reading now!

Gawker.com has an “insider” who claims to know not only the winner but also the order in which the contestants were kicked off. If these results are accurate, according to the source, the designer who wins is Mondo Guerra, who was the runner-up to quilted granny-panty designer Gretchen Jones in Season 8 in what is probably the show’s most controversial ending ever. According to Gawker’s source, the plan all along was for Mondo to win, which obviously angered the other designers and even Mondo himself.

If this is the case, that Mondo was tipped to win from the beginning, hopefully that’s an olive branch from “Project Runway” producers to the show’s outraged fans, many of whom vowed not to watch again after snotty, annoying Gretchen beat Mondo with a hideous, clearly inferior earth-mother collection. It’s sad that it took a special, unofficial “Project Runway” season — in which Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn, Mondo’s two biggest champions, didn’t even participate — to declare him the rightful winner, though.

In other results, Austin Scarlett comes in second; Michael Costello, the object of Ivy Higa’s wrath in the eighth season, is third; cat-throwing she-beast Kenley Collins is fourth; and Jerell Scott (who?) is fifth. The only other result Gawker mentions is that Rami Kashou gets auf’d before the middle of the season. There’s no word on where seventh season Georgia peach Anthony Williams finishes, sadly. He’s our favorite!

What do you think? If these spoilers are accurate, are you happy Mondo won? Were you rooting for someone else (click here for a full list of contestants)? And do you remember Mondo’s final runway collection (clip below)? Sound off in the comments!

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