‘Project Runway': Belk’s Modern Southern Woman

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This week was Southern for Project Runway. The episode starts with a brunch for the designers where they find out they are doing a dress for Belk. Watching non-Southerners try to dress the modern Southern woman is hilarious. Yes, Cotillion actually exists, and yes, so does champagne. However, would you make a Mimosa without it? Also, what is the obsession with plaid? That’s more of a Southern guy thing, and not a modern one at all.

The top three this week were Alexander, Bradon and Kate. The guys both did plaid, but Bradon’s was more literal and casual while Alexander’s was more artistic and fancy. Bradon’s was lighter colors while Alexander’s was bold. Kate went for light, printed fabric, which was the other common interpretation of modern Southern woman. However, her dress was misproportioned and made her model look pregnant according to the judges. Her print was fabulous though. In the end, Bradon won for casual plaid, which probably is the best choice for Belk.

The bottom three were castigated for not getting the challenge at all. Dom’s dress was bashed for being the color of scrubs. Jeremy’s jacket and dress was too old. Ken’s dress was too bridesmaid basic. The judges threw them a twist though. They gave them each one hour to fix their looks, with design assistants. Dom and Helen created an adorable black and white print dress that she should have done the first time. Jeremy and Alexander created a basic asymetrical dress out of fabric found in the workroom. Ken and Kate reworked his dress to be shorter and one shoulder. The judges loved all of the looks better, but absolutely adored Dom’s new look and offered to have her look made along with Bradon’s. Jeremy was sent home this week. The drama never ends on Project Runway though. Next week is cat fight time.

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