‘Project Runway': Final Eight Debut at New York Fashion Week

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Looking at the Project Runway collections at New York Fashion Week to try to guess the finalists is fun, but not always easy. This year there were fashion mistakes in just about every collection. The most blatant being that Dmitry was right, Ven really is a one-trick pony. Six of his dresses had some variation of the folded rose trick on the bust, bad idea. Also bad was Gunnar’s earth tone tribal collection. Too much rust and brown. Fabio went the other direction and did too many light, drapy designs. Sonjia overused her lace, a full skirt being one piece and leggings were another. Melissa had a leather bathing suit, why?

However, for all the bad ideas there were some very good ones. Melissa did do some very nice leather work, her black and white top and black vest specifically. Christopher also did a great leather jacket and vest and top combination. However, his best piece was an ombré gown. Dmitry had some good pieces such as his black tulle gown with a fitted metallic top. However, he used too much sheer fabric in his collection. The most cohesive collection was Elena’s. She used bright colors and very tailored looks to create an almost sci-fi collection. The only problem was the bright color on the models lips. Looking at the collections, it seems Elena, Christopher, and Melissa could be the three best collections. However, this does not necessarily mean they made the Project Runway finale. Which collection did you like best?

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