Project Runway: Lexus Emmys Challenge, Who Was Voted Out and Who Left?

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This week’s Project Runway episode was one every designer dreads. Working with another designer and on a red carpet event. In this case, it was designing dresses for former show all-stars to wear to the Emmys. Each pair was given the chance to win a Lexus, but the color of the Lexus they were assigned had to be featured in the dress. This caused some drab dresses to appear.

While fans of the show might think that making a dress to Kenley Collins’ specifications would be tricky for a red carpet event, Ven and Fabio did an amazing job. A navy blue, boat neck, knee-length dress won a red carpet challenge, with Ven officially declared the winner. The runner-up was the floor-length white design for Irina Shabayeva by Gunnar and Kooan. It was accessorized with a killer silver necklace that looked to be the neckline of the dress. While Heidi liked it better personally, the dress for Kenley was more of a joint effort.

Meanwhile Chris and Andrea were given one of the more fashion-forward finalists in her personal style in Anya Ayoung-Chee. This should have made the challenge easier, but made it a lot harder. Andrea just does not get this show and is not up to par. Chris was in tears before the judges apologizing for the dress. However, Mila Hermanovski’s dress by Raul and Alicia was the loser. When she met with the designers, she scrapped the print they had chosen and their second effort was bland. Raul was sent home for the design. However, the Project Runway episode concluded with Andrea having left in the middle of the night and no one knows why. What’s your guess—illness, humiliation?

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