Proof Catelynn Lowell’s Mother Sold Her Out for Money

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Catelynn Lowell is the one Teen Mom with the least amount of drama, but she is getting her fair share during the time when the final season of the show is airing!

Last week, a big news story hit, claiming that Catelynn, and her fiancé Tyler Baltierra, were expecting their second child. After the two vehemently denied the story on the cover of Us Weekly, InTouch (who originally ran the pregnancy story) is firing back, giving an explanation for the pregnancy story.

Apparently, April Baltierra (Catelynn’s mom) is the one who brainstormed the entire thing. She even went as far as to calling into the magazine, posing as Catelynn, in order to confirm the bogus story. It seems odd that anyone would be convinced by April’s impersonation (she has a pretty distinct voice), but someone obviously was.

According to Radar Online, InTouch had a private investigator perform a voice analysis on the call and their findings concluded, “with beyond a reasonable degree of professional certainty” that the voice of the interview subject “is the voice of the mother.”

As can be expected, a lot of fans are questioning this latest tabloid story since they found out the pregnancy story was fake. However, the tabloid is going to great lengths to try and prove that they were duped. Of course, it isn’t too hard to believe that the tabloid would want to jump on the huge news story. When Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra do decide to have a baby (they have said they will wait four years), it will likely be a big story.

Do you believe April Baltierra really sold out her daughter?

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