Proof ‘Teen Mom’ Chelsea Houska Wants to Bare All for Men’s Magazine?

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Each week, it seems as though a different Teen Mom is hit with an unbelievable rumor that takes the internet by storm. Typically, it is Jenelle Evans who is slammed by the tabloids, but the other girls have been facing more drama, giving Jenelle a break. Last week, the big story was Catelynn Lowell’s pregnancy (which was untrue) and this week, the big story involves Chelsea Houska.

Obviously, fans are probably thinking that it has something to do with her infamous ex-boyfriend, Adam Lind or maybe Caged cutie Daniel Payne. Actually, the rumor involves neither of them and is rather about Chelsea’s future endeavors!

According to her former website developer, the Teen Mom wants to take it all of for men’s magazines Playboy and Maxim. While her dad is adamant that Chelsea would never go that route, the web developer claims to have proof! Celebrity VIP Lounge has the screenshots of the text messages and while they appear to be legitimate, they don’t exactly show Chelsea saying that she wanted to pose for the mags. In fact, the closest thing that is shown being said by Chelsea is, “Yes let’s make me look sexy! and good :))”

Obviously, Chelsea said something, but without the actual shot of Chelsea admitting she would pose nude, it makes it hard to believe. Perhaps Chelsea was simply referring to pictures for her website? Before it shut down, there were several different links that allowed fans to get an inside look at the Teen Mom‘s life, including her future plans to be a “print model.” Of course, it didn’t specify what kind of magazines she hoped to pose for.

Do you think that Chelsea Houska really meant that she wanted to pose nude? Or, could the web designer just be upset to have lost a potential big name client?

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