Proof ‘Teen Mom’ Is Scripted?

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MTV shows like 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom are supposed to give viewers a raw look at teen pregnancy and motherhood. The cameras follow young girls through their day-to-day lives and capture the harrowing moments, such as revealing the news to parents; getting ridiculed at school; the birth of the baby; and their lives after baby.

While many fans have always felt that they are given a true depiction of their lives, new evidence suggests otherwise. Jenelle Evans recently sent a tweet to her friend, Tori, that said:

“hey u need to call me!!!Wtf u doiiiin?!!! We gotta film at 10am tomorrow dude :/”

They start filming at 10 am, so what? It isn’t as if the cameras follow them around 24/7. It makes sense that they would begin at a certain time, so what’s the big deal? Tori’s reply revealed some more details, saying:

I’m in the same hotel room as them haha. And what do they. Need me to film for? Pick up I thought.. we need code talk lol

Instead of Jenelle’s friends dropping by, it appears that MTV wants them there for certain shots. Of course, when filming, MTV would want to obtain the best footage, and surely not every day is drama filled, so it makes sense that MTV would make certain requests.

If they are making these requests, though, could there potentially be other aspects of the show that are manipulated or possibly scripted? Obviously, the show needs to be dramatic so that people will continue to watch. While being a young mother is hard, it is not always as dramatic as MTV makes it seem.

What do you think? Could MTV manipulate more of Teen Mom than viewers realize, or is it a pretty accurate depiction of a teen mother’s life?

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