Protests in Iran Gain New Momentum: Revolution 2.0

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The people of Iran have been trying to gain democracy for some time. The “Green” movement there remains infuriated at the bogus election in Iran. They want their votes to count. They want Iran to be a country that values human rights and gives the people their freedom to live without harassment, torture or arrest without cause by the government. The protests in Iran want change and they likely will not stop until that goal is achieved.

The world is watching as the people of Iran try to gain freedom from a dictator. Their president denies the truth of the world and represses his people with violence and death.

President Obama Supports the Protesters

President Obama talked about the quest for democracy in Iran. He noted that the people of Iran “have the courage to be able to express their yearning for greater freedoms and a more responsive government. What we can do is lend moral support to those who are seeking a better life for themselves,” notes the Washington Post.

Iran has already arrested 1,500 protesters in the new street marches in recent days, notes the Huffington Post. One person has also been shot to death in the protests.

Hillary Clinton also spoke out to support the protesters in Iran. She said, “What we see happening in Iran today is a testament to the courage of the Iranian people… We are against violence. The Iranian government is once again using its security forces and resorting to violence to prevent the free expression of ideas from their own people,” notes the CS Monitor.

Social Media & Revolution

In talking about how Twitter and Facebook are changing how people protest against a regime, Joel Simon, Executive Director of Committee to Protect Journalists, noted that while journalists use social media to alert the world they are being detained,  that some countries, such as Iran, use it to harasses people who have been arrested. He noted “In Iran, security forces have used threats and sometimes torture to extract Facebook passwords and then systematically tracked down the ‘friendsÂ’ of those detained,” reports the Huffington Post.

Iran has forbidden journalists from outside of the country in covering the protests. President Ahmadinejad is trying to keep the truth from the world of the revolution of the people going on in Iran. However, it is not possible to quell the use of social media. The protesters are savvy at finding ways to dodge an Internet block and to continue to send out facts about what the government is doing to try to end the protests.

Best wishes to the people of Iran as they seek change and freedom for their country. The bravery of the protesters is immense. They are fighting for human rights and justice is on their side.

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