Proud of my Hubby

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I am so proud of my husband.  He got a job promotion at his job.  he works at "Wall-Mart".  He is a support manager.  He was just a stock man in general merchindize for about 5 years now.  Yet latley he has been doing this position without title..  They told him to apply for it when the time comes in, since the other support guy leaves for another store soon.  He did along with 100 or so others…And by gooly he got it.  He jump over the department mangers and got it..  He has a better track record.  Never missing more then one day a year, except last winter when he got gout and brochontis at the same time..  And they sent him home for that.. 

Today we went to the store and got geocery list done.  Everyone came over to congradulate him.  Gee folks know him on days and he work midnites.  I am so ever proud of him…He is my hero. 

Oh yeah  forget to say, for those who think wallmart dot help out others  well here is some more proff they do.. 

So here is my prasies for the good store of Wal mart..  let me have it for those who hate it ever so.. he he he

BTW  I save over $25 in cross reference on geoceries today, plus $7 in coupons.  So for two weekes of food for three I spent $122 in food, and $30 in general merchandize. And save $32 in all..  I love my walmart…..

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